Where does Got Wood bamboo come from?

We use Mao bamboo. Mao bamboo comes from China’s forests and grows approx. one meter a day. Pandas do not eat Mao bamboo and is purely used for commercial use.

How do I care for my brush?

Rinse and leave me out to dry to keep clean. I may change slightly in colour; I’m bamboo and natural, please keep that in mind.

How long should I use the same brush for?

Approx. 12 weeks, OR, when bristles begin to fray. My wood however, is indeed long lasting and doesn’t come to an end too quickly. Change me up quarterly to keep this relationship fresh.

So I’m Biodegradable?

My body is. Yes. So please compost this part of me.

My head, not yet. Unless, that is, you're composting me into activated sludge.

Shave my bristles down/snap my head off and recycle them the correct way.

What bristle firmness is for me?

If the chompers and gums are a little sensitive, let’s go soft on you.
If the chompers and gums get through quite a bit without too much fuss, then lets opt for the medium.

What if I'm allergic to Bamboo?

Sweet cheeks, please do not put me in your mouth.

How much is shipping?

Aust Wide - 3 toothbrushes, or more, FREE.     
Aust Wide - 2 toothbrushes, or less, $2.00 AUD.   
International shipping - $6.00 AUD*.                                     

How long until Got Wood will be in and around my mouth once ordered?

Australia wide: Please allow up to 7-10 business days.
International: Please allow up to 14 business days.